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Comic 19 - Easter bunnies

Easter bunnies
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11th Apr 2017, 7:33 PM
Every year I see parents buying tiny rabbits as Easter gifts for their children. Many of those rabbits get abandoned few months later, because they are not easy pets. They live up to ten years, require a lot of cares, space and attention, their medical care is pretty expensive because they need a specialized veterinarian and they are quiet delicate. Also, bunnies are smart and might question their owner's authority, they bite and mark the territory if not neutered and many of them don't like to be picked or pet, that's why they are not the best pets for little children. People often don't understand their needs and the fact that they are not dogs or cats, nor guinea pigs or goldfishes, they are RABBITS and they will literally destroy your house, lol. Of course, once you understand them, they become great companions, I'm not saying that no one should get a pet rabbit, I'm just saying that they are not toys. Please, be responsible, don't buy these beautiful animals if you are not aware of their needs and behaviour. Don't abandon them, they are wonderful friends... when they don't chew on your stuff!