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Comic 18 - Rabbits Purr!

Rabbits Purr!
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4th Apr 2017, 6:05 PM
Here is a common scene in my life with the most cuddly boy in the universe. Dob is extremely sweet, always asks me to be pet and never refuses some cuddles. He would jump on my lap if he sees me sitting on the couch, or even lying on the bed and he would start licking my hands (sometimes even the face, ew) and doing that purr sound. It's a soft noise, similar to the purring of a cat, but rabbits make it with their teeth when they are happy and relaxed. I know I am a lucky owner, with such a sweet bunny, he is the cutest. Then I realized how awkward it would have looked, if I drew him as a grown up human and not as a tiny black ball of fur. XD