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Comic 15 - Bunnies chew on everything

Bunnies chew on everything
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13th Mar 2017, 8:31 PM
As the title says, bunnies chew on everything, literally EVERYTHING. Their teeth keep growing during their whole life, that's why they have to chew a lot in order to prevent them from getting too big, wich would cause pain and difficulty in eating. In nature they keep their teeth the right size by eating a lot of herbs and grass; pet rabbits need a lot of hay every day (those rabbit foods with corn and seeds you can buy at pet stores, at least here in Italy, are unhealthy for them, ew), and mine enjoy fresh vegetables at lunch and dinner, plus fruit once a week, because they are fat, spoiled, gluttonous kids, lol... and since they think that's still not enough, they chew on sketchbooks, cardboard, shoelaces, clothes, doors, even on electric cabels, if I wasn't wise enough to cover and hide all of them!