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Comic 11 - Don't pick me

Don't pick me
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13th Feb 2017, 5:57 PM
Bunnies don't like to be picked. They are prey animal, so they feel attacked when lifted from the ground; furthermore, if you pick them and make them lie on their back, with their belly up, they will go into a trance, they will close the eyes and won't move, as if pretending to be dead. It could seem that they are just asleep but that's actually a painful and unpleasant position for a rabbit, so it's better to leave them with their feet on the ground and sit down to interact wiht them, that's an easier way to make friends. Tamino is very young and he's still not comfortable in my arms, whereas Dobby, who is older, trusts me more and doesn't panic when I pick him... especially when he wants to be cuddled :)